That's me!

I’m an Experience Designer with over 17 years of experience in solving design problems working for start-ups and MNCs across India. 

Currently based in Wellington, I will be completing my Master’s degree in UX Design from Victoria University this June. Along with studying, I’m also working remotely as a UX Designer for Webgility, a SaaS firm based out of Arizona, US with a offshore center in India.

I’m a self-taught learner, whose career has evolved from Web Designer to Experience Designer through multi-disciplinary roles like 3D modeller, Flash programmer and UI developer. I’m currently learning D3 JS to design and build interactive data visualisations.

Throughout my career as a UX Designer, I had specialised in translating rough concepts into a refined design solution. However, I kept missing an important ingredient — user research. That realisation pushed me to take up the Masters’ program at Victoria University. Now, I’m more confident in calling myself a full-fledged Experience Designer who can understand users, their needs and manifest insight-backed design solutions.

When not designing, I can be found doing farming, photography or travelling.